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Project FREE RIDE !!!!! 

by Jerome
Hi all

I am launching Project FREE RIDE!!!

Project FREE RIDE is loosely based on the principles of building up a novice jump bike by generating a pool of people who will FREELY donate redundant components and spares that have been building dust since things like aluminium frames have become commonplace, with the real draw card being the donation of a medium sized MTB frame.

These components will be lovingly assembled to create a jump/skills bike that I could RIDE!

The real challenge is to see if this can be done without having to buy any parts ......... hence FREE RIDE!

I will build a record of pics showing the development of this FREE RIDE bike and keep all donors posted as to the progress thereof and the eventual progression to taking this out and learning to do jumps and essentially see my face in the dirt - Pics will be attached.....

If it turns out that the gears don't work and it becomes a single speed or what ever other incarnation it may take then so be it ...... this is an experiment after all.

I know everybody is more than willing to part with their old spares and to keep things organised I will create a spread sheet showing what parts are still needed and who has donated what ..... currently I have a set of tyre and one tube!

Regards Jerome ...... This could get me labeled  as cheap ass, but I believe that it is a worthwhile experiment

084 084 6525


Headset    ANY OFFERS
Stem Super Cycles ( Brand new off the shelf really good looking DH / Free ride stem
Bar Paul  
Grips Paul  
Grips Debbie  
Break Levers Paul  
Gear Levers Greame Grip Shift 7 spd
Breaks Paul  
Front Der Niels Currently on the NRS but to be replaced with new shinny ones
Rear Der Niels Currently on the NRS but to be replaced with new shinny ones
Crank Christian Old Bio-pace crank
BB Christian BB that comes with the Bio-pace crank
Pedals Paul Welgo Pedals
XT Chain Christian Old XT chain with matching cassette
XT cassette Christian Old XT cassette with matching chain
9 speed cassette Garrick The first donor to project FREE RIDE
Seat post 27.2 Garrick The first donor to project FREE RIDE
Saddle Debbie I was worried about doing jumps without a saddle!
Tyres Greg Old Maxxis Swamp things - sidewalls in a bad condition
Wheel Set & Tyres Greame Front and rear Wheels with a set of Veloci Raptors
Front Wheel    
Rear Wheel Niels Has a back wheel on offe, but is not certain of condition
Spokes & nipples    
Gear Cables & housings    
Break Cables & housings    
Lucky Draw parts Duncan Has pledged odd parts lying around in his garage .
A good hospital plan    
Body Armour    

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