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Chain Cleaning for Mountain Bikes


Bicycle Chain cleaning is part of the bike washing process and is probably the most important part of mountain bike maintenance. A dirty chain means shorter chain life, poorer shifting and a noisy drive train. There are many ways to clean a bicycle chain. The two most popular ways are using a bicycle chain cleaning tool or removing the chain and soaking it in a solvent or detergent. Our recommended method is to use a chain cleaning tool. These tools are specifically designed to clean chains with the least amount of fuss and time. The important thing here is to clean your chain rather than not do it. Using a quick and easy method is sure to encourage you to clean the chain when it is dirty rather than leave it for the next time.

How does a chain cleaning tool work?

There are many types of chain cleaning tools around, they all look different but end up doing the same thing with some being more effective than others. The main thing is that you can clean your chain without having to remove it. The chain cleaner clips onto the chain and has lots of little brushes to clean the chain from all angles. Chain cleaner, solvent or detergent is put into the tool. Then you spin the crank and the chain is cleaned. The combination of the movement of the chain, the agitation, the brushes and cleaning liquid helps to dislodge dirt and rinse the chain at the same time.

This is one of the best inventions around that makes the bike wash exercise quicker and less painful. Keeping your chain clean will make it last longer, your gears will work better and sound better, and there is nothing better than a sparkly clean chain.


Bicycle Chain Cleaning Tools

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