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Mountain Biking Clubs 

Mountain biking clubs in South Africa offer a great way to meet other mountain bikers and join organised rides. Belonging to a mountain bike club is still a bit foreign to many riders who would much rather just get on the trail and ride. Many of these cycling clubs are really organised and will have regular weekend rides as well as some midweek rides. Most clubs also organise mountain bike races and other events. Belonging to a club affiliated to a mountain bike association is also necessary to get an SACF license or a Cylosport license, these are needed to enter and ride in sanctioned events. Being licensed also contributes to sending our South African mountain bike champions overseas to compete in international competitions and aids in the all important development of young and previously disadvantaged riders.

The mountain bike community in South Africa is pretty much an easy going bunch of people with the majority focused on riding and having fun. The sport is going through the growing pain of getting more organised which does not always fit well with the free spirited nature of mountain bikers. Compared to their road riding counter parts who are quite an organised bunch, the mountain bike community is a bit more disorganised, not that it bothers too many of them.

Another less formal option is to join one of the web MTB forums or mountain biking mailing lists. These are groups of people associated through the internet or e-mail. They are great places for finding all sorts of information and for linking up with other like minded riders to organise rides.

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If your club has a website then please mail us with the details.

Mountain Bike Associations

AMA Rider
AMA Rider, the African Mountain bike Association, is a mountain bike advocacy organisation aimed at improving mountain bike opportunities on the African continent.

Cycling South Africa
The Official cycling body in South Africa

KZN Mountain Bike Commission
The KZN Mountain Bike Commission (KZNMBC) has redefined the way a traditional association operates, with it's balanced approach to seek the best opportunities for it's members to enjoy and explore their healthy, active lifestyle.

International Mountain Bicycling Association - IMBA
The unofficial official association based in the USA looking out for mountain bikers and the trails that they ride.


Central Gauteng Cycling
The main object of CGC is to encourage, nurture, control and promote cycling, particularly recreational road cycling in Central Gauteng. They also have interests in mountain biking.

Pedal Power
The Pedal Power Association is the largest cycling organization in South Africa. It currently has some 17 000 paid-up members, spread all over the country, although the largest component is in the Western Cape, where the Association has its headquarters. Organises fun mountain bike rides.

UCI - Mountain Bike
The international body for all cycling including mountain biking. World cup and world championships results rankings and information.

MTB Forums

MtbOnline Facebook
Check out the MtBOnline facebook page where you can share and find information and chat to other riders about trails, rides, equipment and anything else MTB related.

The Hub
The Hub SA is the biggest cycling forum in South Africa. Although not a dedicated mountain bike forum it has a healthy number of mountain bikers on line.

No spandex required! This is a group of gravity enthusiasts dedicated to covering downhill, free riding and dirt jumping in South Africa.

Mountain Biking Clubs


JMBC - Johannesburg Mountain Bicycle Club
With a membership base of over five hundred, the JMBC is possibly the largest mountain biking club in Africa. The club organizes social rides on most weekends of the year, catering for the majority of members by providing rides that are grouped for a range of fitness and skill levels.

Dark 'n Dirty
Not a club as such but a regular group of guys getting together to do night rides in the Pretoria area. Check the website for details of their rides.

Supercycling MTB Club
This is the largest cycling club in South Africa with a national presence in all the provinces linked through Cyclelab. Its a combination of road and MTB with members from different age groups and backgrounds that all have a common passion for the sport of cycling.

Flatdogs MTB Club located in the South of Johannesburg (Alberton). Their  3 main reasons for existence :- Get people riding bicycles -Identify and encourage the development of talented riders -Add value to our lives by having fun

Rockhoppers Mountain Bike Club 
RMBC is an active club based in Johannesburg. They organise and host several races every year. They cater to the whole family including kids with their sprogs races.

Kwa-Zulu Natal

DMBC - Durban Mountain Bike Club
We're the DMBC. We ride around on mountain bikes in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Unlike most (radical, hardcore, extreme) MTB groupings, we're (mostly) laid-back types who take our adrenalin in benign doses and see our sport as a gentle excuse to commune with nature and have a few drinks afterwards.


Maverick Club
With their distinctive yellow kit the Mavericks are seen all over but especially in KZN and some in the Western Cape. An active club linked up to Maverick Cycles in Hillcrest.

Howick Mountain Biking
Howick Mountain Biking is a specialist mountain bike "club" formed for those who are passionate about mountain biking. We are located in Howick in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands in South Africa and do most of our riding in the plantations between Howick and the Karkloof.

Western Cape

Hillbillies Mountain Bike Club
Hillbillies mountain biking is the George area of the Garden Route.

Paarl MTB is a website for mountain bikers in Paarl. Members can post a ride, view routes, join a group and make contact with other Paarl Mountain Bikers.

Tygerberg MTB Club
Active club in the northern suburbs of Cape Town

Wannabee MTB Club
The Wannabees Cycling Club, cycling friends active in the Helderberg Basin, Somerset West, South Africa.

Eastern Cape 

Fat Tracks Mountain Bike Club
Based in Port Elizabeth Fat Tracks was the first Mountain Bicycle Club in South Africa.  Established in 1989, the club has consistently led the growth of Mountain Biking in South Africa.  They cater to all mountain biking enthusiasts irrespective of level of fitness or skill. 
Amatola Mountain Bike Club
The Amatola Mountain Bike Club in East London holds its own club cross-country series, and participates in    the provincial cross country and marathon series. For those who do not wish to race, the club organizes monthly outrides and social meetings.


Rock and Rut Mountain Bike Club 
An active club based in Windhoek, Namibia



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