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What Mountain Bike Guide with How to Tips 

How to mountain bike is a common question from newbies along with that burning question from all riders, what mountain bike is best? Back in the 1970s when mountain biking was started these questions were just as valid as they are today. However nowadays we have lots of experience to draw on so learning how to mountain bike is a lot easier with the help of skills courses teaching mountain bike techniques. What mountain bike is best is a bit more complicated because it all depends on what you want to do, how you will be riding, how much you want to spend and so on.  That is where our mountain bike buyers guide, mountain bike maintenance and repair guide and the newbie's guide to mountain biking comes in. These guides should be useful to all MTB riders from newbie's to the more advanced. Check the relevant sections below that will help you decide what mountain bike to buy and then help you learn how to mountain bike and how to maintain your bike.

The internet has got tons of information like MTB reviews, mountain bike buyers guides, mountain biking history and lots of other useful tips and news. Some sites are more useful than others and some more specialised than others. We have listed what we think are some of the best and most useful mtb review, magazine and news resources. There are a few South African mountain biking information related websites. Most of the SA sites concentrate on local races, pros, results and breaking news. However there are other really useful international sites with good tech information on bike maintenance, bike and equipment reviews, mtb skills, bike setups, riding techniques, training and nutrition. 

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What and How To Mountain Bike Guide

Mountain Bike Buyers Guide 
We have put together a buyers guide based on our own experiences. Buying a bike is always a big deal so researching your purchase and knowing what to expect is critical & good fun too.
Components and Parts Comparisons

MTB Reviews
Check our MtbOnline resident "The Average Guy's" MTB reviews on all sorts of mountain bike gear

Mountain Bike transport and flying with a bicycle

Mountain Bike Maintenance & Repair Guide
This DIY guide to maintaining your bike is easy and quick. It will save you time and money and leave your bike looking brand new.
How to wash your mountain bike
Chain cleaning and chain cleaning tools
Recommended mountain bike tools

How to fit MTB gear and brake cables
Gear Setup and Adjusting
Identifying gear shifting problems

How to prevent MTB tyre punctures

How to start mountain biking FAQ

Tech Mountain Biking Sites

Box your bike
Here is a cheap solution to your bike transport problems. For those who travel once, occasionally or fairly often, this may prove to be the best answer!
Sheldon Brown technical bike articles on everything and anything related to bikes. Here you will find just about any explanation ever needed for any part on a bike. His bicycle links are also very comprehensive and make for some really interesting surfing.

Chain Suck the complete story
Jonathan Levy gives a detailed account of the what, why, how, where and when of chain suck


Mountain Bike Suspension and Disc Brakes
Some real explanations from Dougal a mechanical engineer of the workings of the various mtb suspension systems as well as disc brakes

The Shimano FAQs covering all the Shimano components brakes, chains, hubs etc.

Park Tool
Park tool make some of the best tools available, their website has detailed procedures of how to use their tools and how to fix anything on a bike. 

Weight Weenies
Find actual weights of bike components here, both claimed and actual, you can also submit your own.


Mountain Bike and Cycling Training 

Bike Max
A one stop training facility offering training programmes and advice, massage, physiotherapy, nutrition advice and many other cycling-related services.

Cycling Performance Tips
This site is packed full of cycling performance tips on nutrition, equipment, training, physiology, energy expenditure. Just about anything and everything that will make you go faster for longer.

Whether you want to win the race or just survive the challenge, FitTrack has the training plan for you. Designed by professional coaches with years of experience, each training plan is tailored to your level of fitness and the time you have available to train.

Polar Personal Trainer
Polar are the leaders in heart rate based training. Use the online polar cycling coach to setup customised training programs and find training related articles.

Training Bible
Joe Friel is co-author of The Mountain Bikers Training Bible s and various other training bibles for endurance athletes. The site has lots of training information with downloadable training plans.
Buy training bible online here

Physioinfo is a site dedicated to promoting physiotherapy in South Africa. Find a physiotherapist in a convenient location, close to home or close to work.



MTB News  

SuperCycling has a comprehensive race calendar, race reports, mountain biking news, mtb tips, trails & tours, newsletter and other useful information.
Moving on as a spin off of the popular South African publication Mountain Biker Magazine, this site is updated regularly, and emails weekly newsletters covering South African mountain biking news.
Mountain biking news, photos, videos, forums and more.

SA cycling news portal

MTBSA -MOUNTAINBIKE South Africa is all about this exciting and popular sport ó they offer news, events, riding tips, spares, links to other mountainbike sites and much more.
Cycling news has a mountain bike section that carries the latest in MTB news. MTB
International mountain bike cycling news



Mountain Bike Magazines 

Ride Magazine
South African cycling magazine with a healthy bias towards mountain biking.

Bicycling SA
The South African version of the US Bicycling magazine. A fair amount of content is dedicated to mountain biking. Their re-vamped website is also pretty informative and useful.

Mountainbikerider - mbr
UK magazine that concentrates alot on trail riding.

Mountain Bike Action - MBACTION
This cool American magazine now offers their entire magazine in a digital format. You subscribe in the same way as normal. The website also has bike tests, tech tips and riding techniques.


Tread MTB Magazine
TREAD magazine is specifically for South African mountain bikers and delivers quality, locally relevant content thatís informative, entertaining and inspirational.

What Mountainbike
A great magazine for bike tests and equipment reviews, which are available online. With their objective tests and cool GOLD, VALUE and CHOICE rating system it is easy to understand how they rate bikes and equipment


Mountain Biking History & Interesting sites

Riaan Manser the first person to circumnavigate the ENTIRE AFRICAN CONTINENT by bicycle. He completed 36 500 km and passed through 34 countries along the entire Western, Northern and  Eastern coast of africa.

Charlie Kelly's Mountain Bike History Website
Some great old photos from the early days of mountain biking with some of the original fat tyre pioneers.

This web site is dedicated to the winter cyclists, who brave ice and snow and cycle for transportation, recreation, or competition in winter.


Interbike - International Bicycle Expo
Bring 1,000+ brands and 10,000+ buyers from around the world to Las Vegas and you have Interbike - the ultimate blend of industry leaders and innovative products in the bicycle business.

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Crested Butte, Colorado, was founded in 1988 to chronicle the history of mountain biking.

The Science of Cycling
The Science of Cycling focuses on the science behind behind cycling, covering the wheels, frames, drivetrain, gears, aerodynamics and braking and steering.


How to Mountain Bike skills riding techniques and lessons 

TREADucation MTB Skills
The guys at TREAD Mag offer MTB skills clinics from beginner to advanced. Check their website for course dates in your area


Mountain bike riding techniques
Some interesting and useful trail tips on riding downhills, cornering, racing, climbing pedalling and cadence.


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